Individual supportive/empowerment counseling is provided for any victims/survivors of sexual violence who contact PASSAGES, Inc. through either a self-referral or a referral by a human services agency, law enforcement, medical facility, etc.  Staff counselors are here to help individuals who are dealing with issues stemming from sexual violence that has occurred within their lives. Counseling is also available for significant others (families & friends) of victims/survivors.

Group counseling is periodically available for individuals who feel more comfortable in a group setting when there is enough client interest. 


24-Hour Hotline

The 24-hour hotline is answered in the office Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. After business hours and on weekends/holidays the hotline is answered by a trained sexual assault counselor who can provide crisis counseling. If medical/legal accompaniment is needed, the answering service will call an on-call direct service volunteer or staff member to meet an individual at one of our area hospitals or police stations for support within an hour of the dispatched time. To reach our 24-hour hotline, please call any of our office location numbers.


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Prevention And Services for Sexual Assault through Guidance, Empowerment, and Support 


​Legal and medical advocacy/accompaniment is available 24 hours/day. Requests usually come from hotline calls, medical facilities, law enforcement or the District Attorney's office. Staff and/or direct service volunteers can accompany victims/ survivors through medical examinations related to sexual violence and any appointments for medical follow-up. Staff are also available to accompany victims/survivors through any legal proceedings related to their sexual assault. This includes police interviews, preliminary hearings, trials, sentencing, etc. In addition, clients will be kept apprised of the progress of their case through the criminal justice system and assisted with the preparation of victim impact statements.

Prevention/Educational Services​

​​PASSAGES, Inc. offers many prevention/educational programming for all ages throughout our Clarion, Clearfield, and Jefferson County service area to schools/universities, community groups, businesses, social service agencies, daycares, medical facilities, etc.  All programs are free.  * There may be a fee for schools/medical facilities needing the Child Abuse/Mandated Reporting Training.

For more information or to schedule a program, please contact any of our office locations to speak with one of our Prevention Educators.

Grades 5 and 6: